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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Promote Your Blog With Social Media

How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media ?

Are you looking to use social media to promote your blog?

Sharing your blog posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Tumblr can help your content gain significant exposure. But each social media platform is distinct with different benefits and abilities. You need a simple process to tailor your social sharing to generate as much engagement as you can on each of these platforms.

Like blogging, social media sites are today’s trending tool for communication. It is an easy and quick portal to share content, connect with other people and create a “network” or community. In recent months, we saw another social media platform that is now making waves worldwide – Google+. The rise of social networking has transformed the way people use the Internet. It has become a necessary part of our lifestyle. Different business industries are positioning themselves well to get a fair share of the social media exposure. With social media, your business can gain better marketing leverage plus, adding some value to your brand.

Social media and blogging as one!

Blogging and social media are the perfect combination for your online business. You just have to know the proper way of marketing your blog posts to your favorite social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others (including Pinterest). Below are some effective ways you can promote your blog through social media networking.

1. Facebook Promotion :

Facebook offers a number of ways to promote your blog site and posts. For starters, you can create a Facebook Page for yourself or your blog. An unlimited number of fan will be sent updates whenever you update your page with new notes, articles, photos, etc, and you can also send everyone on your fans list direct Facebook messages. 

To promote your new blog articles, you can post a link on your profile, which shows up in your friends’ News Feeds, and post a link into your status update. You can also join groups and post related links on the group’s discussion wall.

For example, for the following blog,

when i share this link to my Facebook account, the following window appears.

After sharing this link, your friends can see it on your timeline. Facebook often only shares the link on the page, not the comments about that link. You should consider doing this too. If you don’t add text, your friends won’t have a context for why you’re sharing the link.

2. Twitter Promotion :

Twitter is probably the simplest network to use to promote your blog. Simply post a eye-catching, 140 character or less tweet with a link to your new article. Be sure to include the top keywords for that article, since not only your followers will see it, but people using Twitter search may come across it as well. An added bonus would be to check which queries are popular the day of your post, and use those keywords in your Tweet.

For example, for the following blog,

when i share this link to my Twitter account, the following window appears.


After sharing this link on twitter with proper keywords, not only your followers will see it, but people using Twitter search may come across it as well.

3. StumbleUpon Promotion :

StumbleUpon is the top source of incoming traffic. When I publish a new article that I want to share with others, I use the StumbleUpon toolbar in Firefox to share that post with all my friends and fans using the Send To option. Also, there are groups on StumbleUpon. If your blog is about Gmail, then join the that group and get your link posted as a related site, or add a Gmail-related article to the discussion pages.

For example, for the following blog,

when you add a new page to your Stumble account, the following window appears. After filling the appropriate information, you can add this page and others can stumble or like your page.

4. Tumblr Promotion :

Tumblr makes it really easy to share your blog post. You can share with the “text” or “photo” or "link" options. Here’s how to share with the “link” option.
Just after you’ve published a post, share it with Tumblr by clickink on the "link". After clicking on “text,” you :

- Enter the url of your blog.
- Type in your blog’s title.
- Type a little description of your blog.

For example, for the following blog,

this information is filled.

That's it. Now after clicking post button, your followers are ready to see, comment and share your blog post.

5. Google+ Promotion :

Sharing your blog post with the world on your site and on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn isn’t enough. I’m also a huge fan of Google+. In addition to being an amazingly helpful social media platform, Google+ allows you to train Google on how to categorize your site in searches.

For example, for the following blog,

when i share it to G+, the following window appears.

As you clicked share button, all your contacts are ready to see it.

6. Digg Promotion :

Digg allows members to share sites via voting, or Digging, them. The best method of sharing links via this site is not to do self-submissions, but to add a Digg submission button or badge to each article and let your readers submit your story. 

For example, for the following blog,

when you digg your blog, the following window appears.

7. Reddit Promotion :

This network is similar to Digg in the sense that it allows voting/rating for articles.

For example, for the following blog,

when you share your blog to Reddit, the following informations are to br filled up.

There are many more social networking sites like Linkedin, Delicious, Technorati, Plurk, Diggo, Pinterest, Folkd, Myspace. You can use any of these or all of these social networking sites to promote your blog and get as many hits and clicks as you want.

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